Day 10 of Poetry challenge


Pick a one line song lyric to serve as an epigraph to your poem. Then, write the poem to accompany it.

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds” Bob Marley- Redemption Song

The song that powers the will of I

The lyrics that describe the conversations me, myself and I should be having

It all begins with my mind and how much power it yields

But what’s power if caged?

Tread carefully, open that third eye

We have so much unlearning to do

Institutionalised prisons they built on a pretence of civilising the mind

You went overboard and made it your puppet

Can’t have a thought without fighting cobwebs of ancient ways of thinking

The kind that served as opium and not solutions

And those who awake, are deemed different

I say those are the ones with courage

I’ll never envy a popular notion that is a by-product of slavery

Hate, prejudice, racism

If you suffer from any of the above

Search for your prison bar keys



Day 30


What makes you happy?

Knowing that this post completes my 30 day blog challenge makes me happy. With other life commitments it was very difficult to keep track but here I am at the finish line.

I am working towards living a life where I give more than I receive. I want my every breathe to count for something and that line of thought alone makes me happy.

Making my few favorite people laugh also brings immeasurable joy. When it is all said and done, witnessing the little man succeed against all odds is also quite satisfying, I am a sucker for a real life happy ending.

Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with me. Keep reading ☺

Day 28


What is your zodiac sign and does it for your personality?

I do not believe in the horoscopes and hence I do not know which sign I am. I don’t believe it possible to truly believe in God and the horoscope. For a better break down of my beliefs please follow this link:

Day 27


Do you want to be famous?

No I don’t want fame. I do not believe it is as glamorous as we are led to believe. There’s nothing worse than having mush- minded individuals following your every move and passing judgement, as if they’re done and dusted in the art of life.

I want to be a remarkable poet amongst other things and if fame comes with it then so be it. But no self respecting person should seek fame. I am honestly convinced that it is quite similar to selling your soul to the devil.

Be humble , keep your head down and achieve your dreams. I’m old school like that.

Day 26


If you could rid the world of one thing what would it be?

It has to be selfishness. People say there’s a good kind of selfishness, I beg to differ. The only reason people feel justified in putting themselves first is because they’re surrounded by people who are in turn selfish, hence they find themselves drained and empty inside. The whole ‘do you’ movement came to life to save people from a selfish and inconsiderate society that will always try to bring you down, regardless of how little they know about your struggle.

So if I had the blessing of the power to rid the world of something, selfishness would be key. There wouldn’t be hippies because it’d now be a norm for people to respect the environment and other people’s energies.

There wouldn’t be glorified humanitarians because we would all think of the next person, before dumping a baby, using tax payers money for personal use, dropping a bomb or starting a war. Once you remove selfishness and substitute it with respect, I believe the world would be better, almost of an utopian state that we can only dream about.

Day 25


The last dream you remember:

It was last night actually. My colleague had come back to work, he just recently survived a hectic accident, so I was really happy and got him a cookie from my favorite bakery, Charly’s bakery. That’s about it. I’m glad my colleague is recovering and maybe this dream is a sign that I’m going to see him soon.

Day 24


Write about your worst injury:

I think I was about 6 at the time and I couldn’t ride a bike yet. Whenever he was feeling generous, my brother would let me pull a wheelie. I used to always think of it as an adventure until one day I got too excited and my foot got stuck in the spokes of the back wheel.

I still haven’t felt anything nearly as painful as that injury. It was excruciating to say the least, but I did get the best treatment to compensate. Believe it or not, I remember it fondly now because I got my favorite cereal and all.

Day 23


Letter to your future self:

Dear Chimbandi

There better be a few titles in front of your name by now, talk about pressure from your past.

Be you but whatever happens, no matter how much you do not like me, do not forget where you came from. You wouldn’t be where you are or as wise as you are without my mistakes.

Forgive but do not forget. If you’re different from who I imagined myself to be then it’s quite alright. I don’t mind as long as you’re happy. Change is the only constant we have and if you’ve adapted to the changes in your life, keep your chin up and make sure you’re happy.

I love you already.

Day  22


Letter to my teenage self:

Dear Faith

You don’t know it yet but very few people will be addressing you as Faith in the future. 

I don’t have much to say because I know you’re at that point where you feel like everyone is trying to tell you what to do with your life but don’t understand what you’re going through. The dark thoughts, they don’t end but you are going to find a way to be happy. You’re going to love yourself, you’re going to understand the distinction between being lonely and being alone. 

What you don’t know and probably won’t believe is that you will almost forget the pain and the dumb mistakes. It’s necessary to make you into the person you need to be. Surrender to the higher power you proclaim to believe in, everything falls into place once you completely surrender, you’ll be good.

Relax love breathe, there’s no rush to grow up.Quiet the mind when you can, that’s the key to the peaceful state I write to you from.