Day 20

Things you like and dislike about yourself:

I’ve never really thought about what I like about myself, I just try to be a good person. I like my hands and feet. 

I really don’t like my temper, I try to work on it as much as possible. I am very emotional and though it comes with it’s perks I find myself wishing it wasn’t so.

Day 19

Your opinion on cheating on people:

Nothing real and worthwhile has ever been built on deceit. Half the time the sneaking around and all is not necessary, had the truth been out to begin, there would be no problem.

When people around you cheat, not just in your relationship, but friends and family too, it’s heartbreaking. You can’t help but question just where you went wrong. It’s wrong in that most of the time you’re not the problem, but deceit has a Nack for making good people drained and absolute.

Cheating is wrong and it plays with your emotions in the wrong kind of way.

Day 18

What three things are you most proud of about your personality:

My sense of Independence. It might not be ultimate yet but I am not afraid to go after what I want, regardless of anyone’s approval.

I am a bit naive, sounds like a plot to die young but I genuinely like to think the best of people, unless you’ve proved yourself otherwise. That’s the greater part of me, but there are a lot of days I don’t want any interaction whatsoever.

I am a good listener. It’s been a long road to this but I am proud to say I would rather listen to someone than blabber about all day. 

On a very important side note, Happy Mandela day. 

Day 17

How have you changed in the past two years:

It just so happened that two years ago I moved to a country that I’d never been before to pursue my degree.

I worked and studied for two years whilst trying to mature as a poet, all I can say is it isn’t easy. I am definitely not the same little girl. I picked myself up enough times to know that I got this, life and it’s challenges.

I’m not the first student to earn their living and study full time, I was just the only one my roommate, floor mates, classmates, or anyone within an ear shot of had ever seen.

They pitied me, there’s nothing worse than having your hustle pitied for, when it should be respected. With time I made a few descent friends, I kept in touch with good old ones and my family (we’re pretty tight knit). With time I learnt to be proud of what I was achieving, slowly but surely.

All in all, during the course of 2017, I’m learning how I’ve grown, now that I’m back home again. I can tolerate the heat more than I used to. It sounds trivial,but until you’ve gone to Namibia do not judge me.I’m quick to walk away from negative energy and mindless chatter. All in all, I believe I’ve grown into a better rebel.

Day 16

What makes you different from everyone else:

Let’s start with my fingerprints, I’ve been told no two people can have the same, hehe. 

Next up, how I also don’t aspire to be anyone else but the best possible version of myself there is. I have people who inspire me, people I look up to bit it’s always just something, not everything. I believe this has helped me balance imitation and inspiration.

My experiences also have a part to play. My niece has a lot of aunts but none like me. Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen. A variation of it yes, probably, someone out there can relate, but not fully comprehend.

I think some of the little things also differentiate me from everyone else, like if we’re close, like genuinely close, I’m pretty sure noone else makes you feel the way I make you feel. There’s usually that extra something people who get to know me receive, I think it’s how they interpret my existence.

If the reasons above do not convince you, if you have the opportunity, get to know me better, I guarantee a unique experience.

Day 15

A moment you were most satisfied with your life:

I don’t think it’s possible for me to be entirely satisfied. I read this question and it seems like such a foreign concept.

I cannot visualize myself satisfied, better yet more than one moment. My mind is in constant turmoil, the most I can get to satisfaction is peace of mind.

I am usually most at peace after I’ve intimately conversed with my Creator, preferably after studying the word on my own and gotten a deeper understanding.

I hope this answers the my blog challenge request. Honestly this isn’t easy.

Day 14

How you hope your future will be:

If there’s one thing I have learnt in my shirt life so far is that no one has it all figured out. Life always happens and if you have a grand master plan, you’re just going to be disappointed. I just want to be happy in my future, my fundamentals covered.

People get really disappointed when they plan everything to the T, I think that’s very unhealthy, see where life will take you, but for now do what makes you happy, everyday. Be kind, be good, it will all add up one day, because the truth is no one really knows what’s waiting for us. All we can hope for is to be happy, and have that special someone there to share it with.

Day 13

What are your views on drugs and alcohol:

I’ve witnessed first hand the devastating effects of excessive use of drugs and alcohol, it isn’t pretty neither is it fair on the loved ones looking on.

My thoughts are that we need to treat our bodies more like temples. I believe once you’re of that mindset, you’ll find it difficult to poison it with unhealthy habits.

Day 12

Turn ons and offs:

Well my major turn ons would be confidence, not cockiness, there’s a fine line. Been able to have an intellectual conversation for the longest time, I appreciate that. Also been around someone who doesn’t objectify me as a sexual being, that comes highly appreciated.

Major turn offs are stupidity, blatant ignorence, materialistic way of thinking and people who don’t have the guts to venture out of their comfort zones.

Day 11

If you had 1 million dollars how would you spend it

I think it all depends on how I would have obtained it. If it’s through some investment I made prior then I’d invest it back, like 70% of it or something.

If it’s my first big deal cash, then I’ll first pay off any debt, pay for the remainder of my education. I might be tempted to get a vintage bike, so before splurging I’ll invest it somehow.  Most probably with some start up company.

I think we’re only sane when it’s just an idea, but when the money comes in very few have the discipline to look beyond splurging on their immediate desires.