Winterabc 2021 Day 15

Greetings from a determined blogger hoping to complete this writing challenge. This week’s theme is Culture and Fashion. I start off with my poem entitled Patchwork Culture.

Cultural Exploration
I remember when I took the alternative path
Stayed with grandmother a bit longer
Started taking notes, paying attention
I remember asking questions about who this culture serves
Sitting down and trying to understand the entitlement
These labels given without respect earned
And when I am violated, why it won’t cloak me
Am I miseducated, without understanding
But you walked out the moment I started this cultural inquiry

Colourful Culture
I remember here and there and I have learned
I have seen so much and it is all beautiful and we belong
I see the clothes, the music, the norms I could go on learning the norms and history
Never fully immersed, concerned by cultural appropriation

Patchwork Culture
I have been unable to import my culture in full
The further the distance, the more pieces I have lost
WhatsApp call the mum, surviving custodian to give some clarity
It gets dark sometimes, blind in forgetting
I should never be too far away to fail to remember
But I do, I fade
I take what works and incorporate it with that of the locals
Bits and pieces weaving them together, answering myself with a just culture
I do what I have to, I do not want to forget the little I remember.

Published by Rebel Rouser Bubblehead

Hello!!!! I am a young free-spirited African writer trying to embody pan Africanism in my daily life. I use this blog to share my thoughts, views, experiences and most importantly my poetry. Happy reading and if I inspire you, pass the word around and inspire the next person.

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