Winterabc2021 Day 9

Rest and rejuvenation your way as we end the Winter Africans Blogging Challenge 2021 advocacy week. I hope the week has been kind and brought you a lot of material to read like mine has. I am grateful that Afrobloggers created this challenge as I have been more exposed to reading blogs across the continent and learning something new each day.

Please feel free to take a look at my previous posts to read on what I have been raising awareness on. This post will mainly highlight some of the other topics I’m passionate about.

I did not write on women’s rights and gender equality because that is a recurring theme on this blog and I will keep highlighting the injustices of gender inequality till I don’t have to any more 😊. I believe women and girls shall be emancipated one movement, conversation,blog post at a time. Our voices are loud enough.

Racism, sexism, I’m all for speaking out against discrimination. Not just at demonstrations, but calling it out in our daily interactions.

I believe in the spirit of Ubuntu and I hope a Pan African continent will come to fruition in my lifetime.

Keep advocating where you are, your voice is enough.

Published by Rebel Rouser Bubblehead

Hello!!!! I am a young free-spirited African writer trying to embody pan Africanism in my daily life. I use this blog to share my thoughts, views, experiences and most importantly my poetry. Happy reading and if I inspire you, pass the word around and inspire the next person.

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