Sunday Reflections Part 3

I can do better. I have been checking myself quite a bit as of late. I primarily do this with characteristics I would rather not have. After noting it, I pray about it and I become intentional about improving.

For instance, I burn bridges. I light them up and I cook marshmallows and tell myself stories, reveling almost at yet another bridge burning. I blame it mostly on my high level of self awareness, which lets me smell nonsense a mile(kilometer) away. I also spend time reflecting on my day to day interactions, much like I am doing in this series. I think if you spend enough time thinking over something, you get clarity and direction, and sometimes directions differ.

I do not want everyone around me to think the same way I do, I think there is a fine line between agreeing to disagree and just being full of things I would rather not be associated with. But in all honesty, we are very good at justifying our actions.

I would like to think that I burn bridges in an amicable way, I just sort of disappear. In most if not all my ‘relationships’ I always have an escape route, such that if I have to bail in the middle of the night, I can and you will not find me. Social media has greatly assisted me in this regard because you can just block or deactivate your account completely, which I do hope I have not done before. I have the strictest code for people with my contacts not to share them unless they inquire with me. And I also do not share my socials with just anyone. These are just a few of the pillars that strengthen my bridges, but also makes it accessible to destroy them in one maneuver.

The reasons why I burn bridges warrant a blog of their own, maybe I will share them one day. Because I do not like doing this and honestly could not find someone else who does it as often, I started trying out different approaches to dealing with people. I know I am an acquired taste myself, so I decided to be a bit more patient with people. Where I would give three strikes, I give six or more. I wish I could say that my life completely changed but 90% of the time, patience reinforces my need to just ‘delete’ certain people from my life. But the other 10% has made it worthwhile I guess, I mean I am not perfect and I would like people to be more patient with me, so my strikes could increase to 10, God willing.

I can do better, so can you.

Published by Rebel Rouser Bubblehead

Hello!!!! I am a young free-spirited African writer trying to embody pan Africanism in my daily life. I use this blog to share my thoughts, views, experiences and most importantly my poetry. Happy reading and if I inspire you, pass the word around and inspire the next person.

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