The girl floats


Dreams float along with dead goals

Seize one or two, embrace them, kiss them

Recite a poem or two

They might just come back to life

And we can move on

Move forward, just gotta keep on keeeping on

I like the indifference with which you lovingly caress my hopes and dreams

She slouches, feeling too big

Sullen eyes, feeling too small

When she is not floating with glazed eyes

She’s missing your skin

Just to feel it is okay

She’s gotten to understand your body more than your words

She wants to hang upside down

And have the sun block out her blemishes

Sigh, exhale, slouch much, stare into oblivion

She floats a few paces above me

With most of my heart and soul

In these times of uncertainty and vague knowledge of self and destiny

I exhale and stare up

Phase, in heat again

But I procrastinate the labor pains

I just want her back with me

So we slump in the beauty of our majesty

I grow weary of inhaling just to exhale and gawk.


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