Day 17

How have you changed in the past two years:

It just so happened that two years ago I moved to a country that I’d never been before to pursue my degree.

I worked and studied for two years whilst trying to mature as a poet, all I can say is it isn’t easy. I am definitely not the same little girl. I picked myself up enough times to know that I got this, life and it’s challenges.

I’m not the first student to earn their living and study full time, I was just the only one my roommate, floor mates, classmates, or anyone within an ear shot of had ever seen.

They pitied me, there’s nothing worse than having your hustle pitied for, when it should be respected. With time I made a few descent friends, I kept in touch with good old ones and my family (we’re pretty tight knit). With time I learnt to be proud of what I was achieving, slowly but surely.

All in all, during the course of 2017, I’m learning how I’ve grown, now that I’m back home again. I can tolerate the heat more than I used to. It sounds trivial,but until you’ve gone to Namibia do not judge me.I’m quick to walk away from negative energy and mindless chatter. All in all, I believe I’ve grown into a better rebel.


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