Day 16

What makes you different from everyone else:

Let’s start with my fingerprints, I’ve been told no two people can have the same, hehe. 

Next up, how I also don’t aspire to be anyone else but the best possible version of myself there is. I have people who inspire me, people I look up to bit it’s always just something, not everything. I believe this has helped me balance imitation and inspiration.

My experiences also have a part to play. My niece has a lot of aunts but none like me. Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen. A variation of it yes, probably, someone out there can relate, but not fully comprehend.

I think some of the little things also differentiate me from everyone else, like if we’re close, like genuinely close, I’m pretty sure noone else makes you feel the way I make you feel. There’s usually that extra something people who get to know me receive, I think it’s how they interpret my existence.

If the reasons above do not convince you, if you have the opportunity, get to know me better, I guarantee a unique experience.


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