Day Six

Apologies, I mixed up the requirements for day 5 and six, yesterday’s question is today’s question, your day in great detail.

Woke up early to clean the house and do my laundry, weather rarely permits for the good old hang outside. Felt drained so everything was done in slow mode. 

Had my first driving lesson and I didn’t crash, I consider that a significant achievement. Soon after the whole excitement I crashed after taking pain pills, which I hate by the way.

Woke up and prepared for work, finished off my poem due to be performed this coming Sunday, I’m super nervous about that (just a side note). In between I sneaked in a thousand kisses to my niece, goofed around with my brother and talked to my mum about random home stuff, I haven’t been home in years, so I enjoy the yearly update.

That’s pretty much my day.


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