Day two

Where you’d like to be in ten years:

For day two of my 30 day blog challenge the question to be answered is as written above.

To be honest I’m at the point in my life where I am honestly not sure where life’s taking me. Bone thing is for sure though, I want  my writing to not only improve but to also make a bigger impact by obviously getting to a wider audience.

I would love to be spiritually mature and have an air of such great self knowledge that it becomes contagious.

I believe my education will be at a stage to finally confidently make my mama proud. Sounds juvenile but you’re never too old to want to see your mum smile and know you put it there.

I think all in all I want to be living sustainably to the point where I feel at peace with my environment, if it ever is possible, because I feel so powerless against the pollution and disregard for nature.

Last but not least I would like to have impacted as many people as possible to love themselves and get over their phobias and fears that cage them to a substandard life. Fight the system does not mean just a political system destroying the little person. It also refers to how you are your own force and movement, enough to make the world a better place. So I believe I might still be spreading the gospel of fighting the system that reminds you all the time of just how helpless against constructs, social or other wise. All in all I want to be happy.


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