30 Day blog challenge

This has been on my mind for too long and I’ve been falling victim to procastination and endless excuses. Every year in July I try to do something I’ve never done, because I’m a adrenaline junkie (on a budget 😂) and an explorer both of the physical and spiritual realm. Last year I went quad biking in a desert, I’m hoping to go paragliding this year, will see. For now I’m going to tackle a 30 day blog challenge, anyone else feel free to join, maybe we can have a blog-off, haha. I’m starting my challenge on the first of  July. 

Please keep an eye out as I blog in response to the questions on my 30 day blog challenge.


Author: Rebel Rouser Bubblehead

Hello!!!! I am a young free spirited African writer trying to embody pan Africanism in my daily life . I use this blog to share my thoughts, views, experiences and most importantly my poetry. Happy reading and if I inspire you, pass the word around and inspire the next person.

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