Moon lit

slow dancing under moonlight

It is within inadequacy we find our greatest adversary

And no one knows the enemy more intimately than I

For I lay with it and wake with it

I dance with it and contemplate with it

Regardless of how many times I nurse it to sleep

No one has caused so much of a ruckus as the love I have for you

Your damage resonates beyond my  sound proof walls

I had it in check, surviving was enough

Am I now building false memories from the future

You have not done anything more than become what I need

Or have I evolved around your genetic markers so I can be happier

Complacent: thoughts that infect my mind

I do not think you could ever comprehend how much this all frightens me

it undresses my confidence, cemented in protective layers of self love

So my greatest fear among the few

Is that perhaps you will not adequately clothe my insecurities

Because like a babe I come before you

Warm fire you echo endlessly

Lover, will you not feed off my self-consciousness

Even my third eye hazes in your direction

I walked into this turmoil independently, knowingly

And there is no storm I would rather embrace

I am drawn in by how your frequency

Feeds my soul.



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