As I lay my head




That as I hold my head with distant memories of your small fingers I am yet to hold

I bid you hello into a world with very few warm places

That I worry not is not to concern you

Because the faith I have shields me from treacherous thoughts

So I pray for your safe passage through this world

For it is not the end nor the beginning

For in a previous life I might have held you and been the rock I want to be now

To be there for you as your father has

Much like I said,I hide behind the notion of another life

Where I am much closer and happy

For in this world

There is not a scenario where I can reach you and be content

So for now I am being selfish and following my heart and dreams

So that when you do the same I will defend you

For I have tasted of the fruits myself

But lately my head hurts

A never ending pounding smothers my safety net

As my thoughts linger across a border to a love I have not known

But the world has familiarized with

And I get jealous of them who can touch,taste and smell that which is mine

Because I dream about it night and day

Now I invest in time to become worthy of such blissful joy

Though it hurts drilling the whole to fill the empty space

There is nothing else to it

I have to get through it

And pray you never know a love so great and destructive

Or maybe you should

I can only make recommendations

When life flashes before my eyes

Just before I leave you for another journey.





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