Strangers we are

Wonder if you still smell like the version of you from the night I had too much tequila

Held my head up against consequences of misinformed decisions

Estranged as you are

You do not walk as proud as when I trailed behind you

Estranged as I am

I do not have as much pride in wearing my heart on my sleeve

As when you had my back and protected my sleeve to engulf it’s contents

Strangers we are,no regrets, no words

Because I do not see him in you

The young man I dribbled with a bit

Million dollar question is if he ever existed

How else would you explain his disappearance aligning with my departure

A charade to entice and excite my existence

Then there is the uproar that followed

Irrelevant to why I have spent so much time on you today

I cannot help but wonder why I did not sense him the other day when we crossed paths

That unmistakable spiritual energy

The one I was engulfed in for the better part of my Namibian memories

We all just need a little patience

Ran out of musical chairs when the jam had me hooked

Just tell me where he is

I forgot to say thank you, for an alternate reality

An escape,a haven,a dimension customised for my existence

I often find solace in a scenario

Where you finally drink yourself to the brink of death

And I show up to stand by you till I am no longer a crutch

Naturally you ask why, after all strangers we are

Simply to pay a debt to a version of you

That went as quick as it came

To finally explain why I do not look your way any more

Your gaze holds nothing of intrigue

Sad really

So who was he, the one I cannot find in your eyes any more

A glimpse into your future I hope

Because him I could reserve a whole lot of patience

Well son you have a bright future behind you

If not,stop wasting our time

The world is already congested with enough imbeciles

Try something more original

Than the redundant story of how the world has rejected you to the bottle

Or strangers we remain.





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