Star studded fire

2015-02-21 19.35.41

With all that I have I bid you hello

Embracing you who I have mothered into existence

Taller and older than when I met him

At a time when dirty thoughts had not caught up to my body

Through the years till now when they ravish my waves

Flowing seeds germinate ideas of another stumble

The one who consumes me whole every night

As if consuming me during the day with heart and soul was not enough

There I lay satisfied and defiled

How can which I cannot have be the only embrace  I can imagine

Whose hello and goodbye I bid thoroughly

Regrets for the comings

Coming, almost there

Where what if resides, barely hanging on

When I was seeing shadows

Silhouette of memories I lost whilst shipping

To destinations only my heart can pour

And my souls fire demand that you can only through the memory express

Sailing and going forward

To tell you are more than I deserve

It don’t matter that you sail far past my apologies

You  finally make it for my arms

You splash against my soul

Cooling the waves

So I can fall deeper into the abyss

Of all that I can become



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