Girl Unmasked

20160107_003031I love; truly and honestly

Words left unspoken

But with time they show

I worry; earnestly and purposely

Loneliness is left at the entrance

And my embrace you can shelter in through it all

Because I stitch myself up

Search and glue myself together

To make sure your head has a shoulder

And your thoughts and body warm too

I am all out of blessings

Nothing to spare

I think I am running low on my tab

If it weren’t so would I not have been enough not to break

Call me whatever, label me however

I believe you will need some good in your life

But by the time you realise I am not a bustop but your destination

How many more of you would have unmasked and exploited the girl

Shriveled up and a distant memory of sweet innocence that absorbed your darkness

I am that sin eater,  but not the forever kind.


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