Sis Pee!!!


She says I am not the best thing to happen to her

But I remember days when she held me tight

Shielding me from the cold rain and cruel world

I always watched her every move thinking

If I grew up to be half the woman she is

I would be of all sorts amazing

Then I started stealing make up and other of her precious trinkets

Then I was just a nuisance

That thorn in between her toes

Among other things

Then I started looking for my own identity

Not just Prisca’s little sister

But Sis P stood by to guide me

Allowing freedom  to let my mind roam endless possibilities

Not forgetting the best presents ever

Because only she knew

The child I kept alive in my maturity

Now half way to being my own-self

We fight a lot more

Because I am not as little anymore

As when I would not dare cross the road

Without her guiding hand

But in this Independent state of mind

I do miss that childish innocence

But she did not raise me to be vulnerable

Only to appreciate the love I have growing up

In the aftermath of the war of my own identity

I am comforted by the little big things she always does

Like a prized possession

She is one of the first things I talk about when you meet me

About a strong intelligent African woman who means the world to me

Who will always be the Sis P I always looked for

At Anderson with gaping teeth

And never shy of embarrassing her.



4 thoughts on “Sis Pee!!!

  1. Lovely…l wish u would keep this treasure for life.
    100years from now the generations will read it as one most powerful legacy from a young sister….

    So precious,awesome and touching

    Liked by 1 person

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