Fresh Cuts

Betrayal has undressed me

Left me barren as I search for something

If not anything but everything

As all is left bare for the world

I try hide as much as possible

In a prayerful stunt

Where my only wish is the power of UN

UNfeel the consequences of your actions

UNsee the peril I face

UNhear promises I took to heart

Shamelessly I ran for cover

Only to find shelter in your arms

Choked by memories that pinned me down to you

But my thoughts remained original

“The only friend I have is the one who broke me

with every word he says he silences my hope

that he will heal that which he ruined

but it is his voice alone that calms the storm

of nightmares that shadow his betrayal”

Realizing this I limped away

To heal myself with fresh cuts.


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