Let’s go

Windhoek Sunsets

Windhoek Sunsets

Born to be color blind

Forced to embrace a history we both dislike

Justified by forgiving but not forgetting

To keep us armed on the look out

Some get paranoid, go crazy whilst on patrol

We showed them once before

How far the teen spirit is willing to go

Just how loud we can get when you muffle our whispers

Never felt more alive

Than when we huddled around absorbing what was

Which on  countless measure helps us understand what is, the canvas for what will be

Overdosed on nostalgia on days people choose to remember

The African child in our own light

Happily holding hands with the rest of the world

We are allowed to indulge in our own uniqueness

Enough about protocol

All I want is to lay down with pride

And gaze upon the stars of diverse cultures

That paint our skies different shades

As a gentle breeze blows filled with beautiful voices

Singing in different languages I do not understand but feel

I close my eyes and let the rhythmic wind lullaby me to ease

Appreciating the open space that lets us play our freedom song

Accepting that we are all singing the same song just a different tune

Celebrating that we are painting the same picture with different colors

Allow yourself to lay down with me and proudly embrace this heritage.


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