I never had a picture



This coming April will make it three years since I last saw you. I remember I was doing my lower six and I only had four points to my name that term. I prepared myself for a lecture of a lifetime, mainly because I knew you knew I knew that it was you that deposited my fees just in time for me to get an A-Level place. Instead you just shrugged and pointed out that I was intelligent and things would get better in time. You had no doubt I would pass my exams when it mattered. I had no idea that was the last time I would see you, three years and counting ain’t a joke hey. I do not know if you will even recognise me in a crowd. When mother visited me in boarding school she always brought with her news bout you, like when you brought over your new car, how you went with your then girlfriend to visit Gogo. I always bragged about you to my friends, my brother, the university graduate and more in the making, but I never had a picture to show for it.

Remember that time when I was still by St Dominic’s and the term had just ended, you came to our drop off spot in 4th street to give me money because it was Mother’s intention that I sleep over by Babamukuru’s home in Waterfalls. I begged and pleaded with you not to send me there, even though it was mother’s explicit instruction, you snicked me into your university hostel, made me supper and later on you sent me over to the girl’s hostel to spend the night. The next morning you took me to get a bus get home, I was so grateful, but yet again I do not have a picture to show for it.

Almost every holiday towards the end of it, you wired me some tuck money, sometimes without me asking, even when I knew things weren’t going all that great for you; you ensured I always went to school with the essentials. I always knew you were a phone call away. Remember towards my final exams and I told you I was stressed out and you told me that you knew I would figure out a way out of the dark space. Throughout the years I have thought that the day will come when I could repay you; but you still make sacrifices for me, so unfortunately I do not see that chance rising in the horizon. Maybe one day you will need a kidney or something, I will be a phone call away, with a camera ready so that the moment is never lost. You may think I have forgotten but I would not be here without your big heart. And yes I still do brag about you to my friends.

Chasing our dreams has played its fair share in separating us, I was in school during your graduation ceremony, worst part being when I missed your wedding. To witness you finally get the happiness you deserve. I saw the wedding pictures and videos and I finally have a picture to show just how great life turned out for one of my heroes. Live life and do not hold back, you deserve all the joys ahead of you.




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