DSCF0306I am living in my head

As the fine line between two worlds thins out

Find myself laughing in desert sands

When it is the ocean breeze I smell

Its my blankets that keep me warm

But your arms that keep me close

But you always in my head

Locked in amber by the distance

And every time we converse,

We engage with so much passion we converge

We shrivel only to become withering souls

Surviving by taking in shallow breathes of the hope we might resurrect like the phoenix

And even as we lay as ash

I will not let us be just another sad tale

Because you always in my head

The good and bad voices all mimic yours

They pushing and pulling me from the inside out

No alarms go off

As your presence always catches me off guard

Teasing me by coming and going

You some where in my head

I might not see you here and there

But far and low I surely will go

Just to be with you

Probably why I am living in my head.


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