Wrapping up 2014 PART(1): Sibling Grammar

2014-04-07 07.00.59So I here is how I am going to sum up my year, I am going to divide the year into three parts; sibling grammar, friends and family and lastly me, myself and I.

2014 started as a healing phase for my siblings and I, at least on my part. In the sense that I had not untill this year lived with my brother or sister for four years and counting. I was always in school and I only visited them once  year which barely compensated for the other eleven months. But thanks to this year I got to know the adult version of the looming figures I grew up worshipping as a kid.  I got to witness behind the scenes action of how my ambitious, success driven sister comes to make her dreams a reality with just God and her dreams as her ammunition. She has a meticulous way of planning ahead which means more secure fun times, but then again it also leaves a lot of room for disappointment. I have witnessed one of my super heroes fall and rise and I have had to deal with the fact that my sister is human after all despite what I have convinced myself  in the past. She has also had to make peace with my unconventional outlook on life and by now she is not entirely embarrassed by my dressing, the way I walk or the little things that fascinate me.

Then there is my older brother with a very mellow approach t life, which of course contradicts my sister’s views completely. Often I found myself with two sets of advice which barely complimented each other, due to the fact that my brother and sister are very much their own persons, with the common ground of having me as a little sister.  The only other thing we have in common is our will to survive despite the circumstances. Believe it or not through some very tough times in 2014 we found ourselves brushing problems off on account that we really have been through tougher times. Its never easy been raised by a single parent in an unforgiving economic situation. My brother always has the same advice to give me just in different words: IT’S ALL GOING TO BE FINE, ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. He has been an unexpected pillar of strength in a very unconventional way. We got a ‘bromance’ thing going on and fits into my life perfectly.

At the end of it all, as I leave for university in a couple of weeks, I have mastered it all, how to balance out my brother’s and sister’s advice and influence. As we part ways I am confident we will remain close and in spirit conquer it all together.


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