There’s a humming; buzzing stirred by my arrival

Lights deem, heads turn away as I glow amongst you

I walk through the crowd just to spite my shadow less figurine

And I am in love with the shame you try to hide

Because you said I would never make it

You bet your lives on it

Well here I am tonight

To collect all your souls as my token

I am going to wear them around my neck

Show it to the world

That I am undefeated, I don’t fall; I stumble

And don’t you forget it

That your flames burnt my flesh

And your eyes made of ice never shed a tear

As a snake sheds its skin

My rebirth was complete

Through your painful spites and spits

And I hold my torch up high

The only one you couldn’t dim

To get to my set pedestals

Accompanied by your whispered applaud

That I survived the banish

I have become so fearless

That the only thing I fear

Is the force I have become

I pray it will not come for you.


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