Under the veil

20140417_175552 20140417_175708Never felt this young and reckless

Since I was young and wild

Temporarily forgot drops of misinformation can drown my existence

Completely void of consequences

I went on to distort the few memories

those unaffected by self induced selective amnesia

I let the foreigners impose on me

What us the visitors should be

That our bare backs is all we were

Struggling to make ends meet

Paid to be irrelevant

To be that quiet little mouse that serves your every need

Built homes, back home, on the ashes of misinformed enemies

As if that was not bad enough

Degraded further by misguided patriotism

That’s just the half of it

Unwittingly; unknowingly

I have betrayed those who raised me

By denying them in public

I come before thee seeking redemption and not forgiveness

For my unforgivable acts that have drenched me in pointless sweat, blood and tears

Poverty is not our culture:

Droplets of such beliefs will aid a river to flow in the right direction

Slowly good memories slip through cracks in the wall

My mother did warn me about crossing the boarder

Never did I fathom that I could lose my identity in it

I am proud to say hard work is part of my culture

And so much more beauty to being Zimbabwean than merely meets the eye.


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