IMG_20141014_105831I see you BLAH; you see me BLAH

I know you know I noticed you look at my derriere

Impressed BLAH; by the depressed BLAH

You finally gather your kahunas

Then your constant BLAH earns you a second encounter

Strictly come sexy

Invitation only

Extremely uncomfortable I pitched

Oldest trick in the book played:

“Tell me more about yourself”

I smile; you are captivated

KaChing! jackpot

I speak from the heart as always

You listen with all the wrong instruments

All you see are my lips moving

While ‘you know what’ hears BLAH!BLAH!BLAH!

Just finished the story about losing my father

You lick your lips; eyes dilated

Pretty sure you are past second base with me already

I usually just get a condolence

I say more BLAH; You zone out BLAH

Still curious about the man behind the inappropriate glances

Shallow references to possessions I care the least about

Sweep me off my feet to your place you planned

The jig is up

Gosh; the way you uplift my body with your eyes

If only you paid that much attention to the being inside

Hoping to separate the body and spirit

Trying your charm like fractional distillation

I am trying to add depth to your sight cave men

But then again BLAH!BLAH!BLAH!

My abrupt departure blah; you confused blah

Energy wasting explanations I do not have time for

Its in the knowing women handbook

Should have gotten it when you got your goods too

Guess you and the rest of the nincompoops out there did not get the memo

Then you will only hear more BLAH!BLAH!BLAH!

And even more walk aways.


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