Drafted thoughts

DSC_0174-1My sister and I live in a Manhattan style loft apartment three storeys up, so that has ruled out the conventional fluffy companions. Instead we have three pet goldfish namely Jay-jay, Nemo and Mikey.. Its funny how I have taken to them so warmly in a matter of months,I mean sure I do not pat them or take them out for walks. But in honest truth we have watched tonnes of movies together, binging the Sci-Fi series together and brightest of all memories; they have been with me through my sleepless nights. Oh and I always lose to Jay-jay in staring contests. True confession; there were unique fun times with a different species. They have also bring about a sense of importance perhaps; such that when we both aren’t available, we give a third party an extra set of keys to check up on them.

What brings about such reflections is that Jay-Jay has taken ill for the past week. I have watched him fade away slowly. He used to be the life of the tank, most responsive to my gestures to interact. It is yet to be determined what is wrong with him, but I honestly fear the worst. The mere fact that I find myself unable to look at the fish tank fearing the worst is evidence of the magical connection between man and animal. This experience, though not my first with animals, has given me fresh eyes to look at our current situation. Honestly feels like we are puzzle pieces; making out a perfect picture of mother nature’s true intentions for us. More like balancing equations for sustainability. Feels like though we have our own species to rely on; animals are also there to complete a family, a home and even a broken soul wondering alone. Which brings me to one of my biggest challenges everyday, trying to understand how animal cruelty even exists. How every year we have more and more animals getting extinct. The worst for me is seeing people in pure fur or other endangered animal clothing. It’s more like wearing a brochure acknowledging your taking part in animal cruelty. I am not walking from this completely blameless; but I am moving towards rectifying the issue.


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