Someone has to say it

IMG-20140405-WA001October was breast cancer awareness month as you may all know, and that is my point exactly: that we may all know. I know a lot of the times people complain about people destroying the environment and each other, but today I just want to thank everyone who tries their best. Its like with each generation we get more ignorant and impulsive to destroy so much that I am sure we will regret unfortunately in the near future, but again I am grateful that this generation has made a country’s problems; the WORLD’s problems. I have some inside information about how difficult it is to try and make people listen to what they aren’t ready to hear, be it HIV/AIDS, breast cancer or even teenage suicide. Fact is most people think ignorance is bliss. But throughout October I have been more than convinced that we might be getting there as a race, to that point where we might be able to stand together against war, poverty and environmental degradation. Next time you see an initiative supporting a good cause please join and help the battle for humanity. And if you already are, someone has to say thank you, I just thought to add my name to the hopefully long list of appreciative individuals.


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