Displacement Reaction

I won’t let assumptions and misgivings wobble what we have

I will do what is required, to simply state facts

If we were only but just molecules

Living  life at the mercy of curiosity; having our fates decided

I would just observe a displacement reaction creating a stronger bond

I imagined this day would come

Leaving it to time to reveal its master plan

I thought I would be enraged at the thought of being replaced

I have always thought my greatest attribute is being irreplaceable

But I am happy you have found someone better

After much contemplation who could blame you

She’s so graceful; her every touch a breathe of fresh air

I have to admit I get jealous when I happen to witness your affections

At how perfection has been proven to exist

After much deliberation, I still am not sure if I ever made you smile or laugh whole heartedly

If I ever made you feel you were beyond satisfaction

Maybe we are just molecules

Weak bonds to be broken to make way for perfection

Our fates once entwined but already decided

Displacement reactions leaving me lonely but happy for your new found joyDSCF8792


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