A little bit of blood

IMG-20141002-WA0007the following poem I wrote mainly for the Pledge 25 group currently operating in Zimbabwe, I never got the opportunity to share my passion for blood donation and I take part as often as I can, I hope it inspires you to do more.

Feels like its a borrowed life

It should if you never give back

Hoarding so much the world needs

Or is it that you do not know how the little things count

A smile; a greeting

A pledge 25 commitment

There is always someone in need

A hug; a kiss

A shoulder to lean on

You probably justify your selfishness

When blood donation becomes the topic

Not your fears or uncaring flair

Fine! you do not know who will be helped

A baby, your mother, yourself

Either way it is a human soul

That should be more than enough a reason

Everyone deserves a second chance

And your blood donation gives someone a fighting chance

Do not preach the good word

Live it!

Donate blood, save a life

live life with a difference.


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