Something has go to give

Found myself meditating in front of the post office

Waiting for that one letter that would set my goals in motion

That was weeks ago; the wheels are now flat in position

Want to scream and shout

I end up laughing my lungs out

With each passing day the flames get bigger and bolder

You can only ignore the smell of your own burning flesh for so long

Was playing broken telephone with Destiny

Kinda said I could achieve anything as long as I put my heart into it

Kinda heard all my efforts would sum up to something

Cannot be two sides of the same coin

Walls fall like dominoes around me

So unpredictable, the only constant is that everything is tumbling down

You have to be insane to see the silver lining

Halfway through the storm

Thank God for my insanity

Though self destruction feels imminent,

I still find time for a cup of tea

Found myself sitting on the edge of the freeway

Waiting for something

Still don”t know what or whom

But something has gotta give

Because I am unaware of my sins.IMG00838-20121208-1216


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