Inner Roar

IMG-20140329-WA007Took a lot more than usual to bring myself to blog, felt like a worm under the rug, took all my strength not to remain swept away. Yes hidden by vicious forces out there, be it discouraging people or your own demons; any individual should be able to relate to this. Been  jumping some hoops along this marathon and the worst thing happened to me: I GOT TIRED. It has not happened to me in years but here I find myself unable to comprehend even the simplest train of thoughts. For all the writers a bit under the weather I encourage you not to beat yourself too hard, we might be going through a transition, rather a transformation. Like caterpillars in a cocoon to emerge as butterflies. For myself I believe I am awaiting of my inner roar, from a little pup into,I only hope a majestic wolf. At the end of the day, we run out of oil so we can take some time to reflect, re-invent ourselves and begin again.


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