Hush Little Baby/ The Ghost She Created

IMG01472-20130831-1647Every time she closes her eyes

She sees him again

Without a face, but more beautiful than she had imagined

She lays there next to him, gazing at the spectacle

That which if she had carried to full term

At least in the reality of forced dreams

Her world dawns upon his adoring eyes

His smile, pure happiness

His laugh, pure innocence

Beautiful boy; innocent soul

After that climax, the dream ends the same way

By tumbling her spirit into a swirl of endless sadness

Where regret chokes her to awake

First thought; all this wealth and still no cure to the guilt

He lays next to her; perfection in the art of man excellence

His muscles unflinching at her restlessness

Barely an academic herself, what future cold she have given him

Barely bills from her parents, barely any understanding from her peers

Intricacies of life: to create blissful innocence

As you have your innocence coitally removed

His strong arms pull her back to the present

Where she can almost convince herself that that one sacrifice was worth it

Honey; milk and all things rich

Now as they ask for words to her memoir

Of the life experience behind the mogul

Everything has been bound except that chapter

When she was only 19 and curious

Exhausted by running away from the truth

That only in these dreams is she a mother

Bitter sweet after taste of what could have been thoughts

The last chance for the taunting dreams to stop

Lay in telling the truth of that phase of life

“Murder” she wrote of her unborn problem.


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