Mucking Equations

when love causes discomfort

and all you have are the wounds 

that isn’t much to go on

to be the hope for a HAPPY future

that isn’t much to hold on to 

to be the reason you aren’t lonely but alone

its not enough to love me

when that only means we wrestle in possibilities

i’m a fool to want tangible proof; but this is the fool you love 

we are like two distant puddles hoping a river will help us flow as one again

that is before the baking sun dries us up

or the wind vaporizes us 

i’m not giving up just giving n; to my inexperienced advice

that all i want is you; but i don’t see the sun rising on that aspect

i’m too young to be waiting, but here i find myself

i contradict myself these days

i hate the idea of love and commitments 

yet i’m in love with the commitment we are yet to share

i see the statues bleeding out tears out for me

no greater sympathy has befallen me 

i’m not giving up just giving in to my chaotic strategies

i am putting you in a box and shoving you in a shelf

inside the wardrobe behind the locked bolted titanium door

its better there than out of mind and out of sight

i will grab the keys when i’m ready

to either say goodbye and set you free

OR when you finally in sight; hence in my heart again. 


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