See you in my nightmares

IMG_0194Empty pill bottle
Next to my bed
Is my first sight after the dream
Doc I need a refill; but you are fading from memory
For a while I lay there
Paralysed by the sadness, after effect of the happiness in my nightmares
Used them like morning coffee
No morning cheer up, no reason to go out and about
The smell of you is quickly losing strength, fading into the air
Loving me is not enough
This morning fog makes that clear
Holding me is not enough; that much I know now
Thinking as if that’s an option, neither is now
So I sleep a bit longer, fall into the nightmare
Because that’s the only place you are now
Fading faster than ever
I need the these nightmares more and more each day
I am numb with joy with you then
There is no contact, there are no love words rephrased in person then
We just lay there next to each other, looking deep into each other’s soul
Your body is fading fast, its your eyes I still hold onto
I open my eyes again
Empty pill bottle stares back, won’t tilt half full
Won’t stop, can’t stop the nightmares
Because that’s where you are for now
Sad part come after that realisation
Darkens the fairy-tale into nightmares
See you tonight.


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