Thank You Julie

Photo0170Having the ability to speak or sing
Is not about the ability itself but having the heart to
As you have graciously shown us
And we thank you
Having the voice and not much confidence
Is just as useless as not to sing
And with your leadership we are all on another level
Believing our unique voices do contribute
And here is a sincere expression of gratitude
For when the soul sings
The heart is mended
The body ignited
And the spirit set free of its wearies
Its a cocoon we wish would last forever
Because it just seems to be a little piece of heaven
Where we can truly lose ourselves in the power of the song
And the power of the one we sing for
It is a safe zone from our tribulations, insecurities and endless battering
We are truly grateful to you for showing us
The gateway to our small safe havens
Is through the choruses
That the invisible become visible
The unaccepted are accepted
The unlovable feel loved by the almighty
The downtrodden are set free
Introverts become extroverts
Tomboys be tomboys
And the lost find their way home
Thank you for showing us the pathway through song
Thank you for believing in us
Thank you for just being there
On behalf of all who sing with their hearts.


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