I am yours

20140702_183532~2And my life’s symphony goes on
Because that’s the only thing I can do
An art I have had to master
Airborne love invades my body
Slipping past the cage, bolted safe and brick wall, without breaking a sweat
It is yours to command
I am yours to divulge
And my concert still gets fans
I have packed my subconscious so go on; invade
Feel my veins darken as your essence gets to my mind, my soul, my everything
It is yours to obliterate
I am yours to have
And my strings remain attached
I have been taken over by your power of seduction
Black becomes grey, red to orange
Our eyes become one
I take you in as you take me in
We are ours to hold dear
We are whatever is
And my music will live on
Way past our entwined love and bodies
Skin to bone, rocks to sand
Fire to smoke, songs to records
We can lay in our despair
But still we have had something that will last forever
It is your song to take
My words to write
And our love to play.


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