15 000 tears

I let you blind fold my eyes with empty promises
You then took my hand and led me with the belief you would not give it back
That impelled me to follow you into the forbidden forest
And showed me blissful wonders
Can only be achieved by the two of us
No song; just our heartbeats
No food; just our lips
No cloth; just our bodies
You admonished that I wait just one minute
Whilst you scout for our next contingency
And I sat there cuddled in anticipation of your return
Days, hours, weeks, seconds remained unknown to me
The only time measurement had were the 15000 tears I know I cried
The presumption cloud passed
And I finally convened my courage to remove the blinds
To face the reality of a time I will never have again
I stumbled, I fell, I rose, I crawled, I ran
For there were numerous ghosts of a past life haunting me
But all of these lacerations are memories of us cut skin deep
I barely made it out and I still hear the shadows’ taunts
Locked up in a time I will never have again
There I found you, seasons passed t the forest fringe
Handing your mind, body and soul on a silver platter
Seemed a worthy prize for my struggles
I take your hand, because I want it to be like it was, I need it for my sanity
But before we go back into the woods
Did you cry 15000 tears when you lost me?


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