Sirens of Normality

There as a black embryo giving off green ripple effects
I heard them for the first time
Loud, terrifying, outrageously judgemental, the same there after
Drove me mad; walked with bleeding wrists that year
Excuse me sir can you help?
White teeth conversations ended, backs turned to me
I could not hold back the pain stained tears
All I wanted was perhaps an explanation, an answer for the demons inside
Felt like speaking French amongst the shonas
The teenage mother to a bastard was the one who embraced me
And interpreted my cries
She who tended to my wounds both skin deep and soulful
She who sheltered me from the sirens
Nothing rhymes with forever, neither did her protection
The loud wailing eroded with prejudice penetrated again
Forced me out, tried my luck again
I ran into the crowd of well educated and stand up citizens
With a “numerous-suicide-attempts” tag legible
Pardon me mam, I need help
White teeth smiles disappeared, and the light of salvation blown out
As I slowly drowned in the sirens of the right perception
Only the man with a castrated dignity and tattooed body
Stuck out his neck to help campus my life
He predicted there wasn’t a promised land; just surviving through resistance
Jetlagged on a journey to prove him wrong,
I got off the next stop
Befriended some white teeth teens and some rednecks
Lasted till I lived out my urges
I hear the sirens again
Threatening to stop my forward march to survival
This time I turned to acquaintances
Only to have a weed ridden hippie stranger resuscitate me
To magnify the writing embedded on the stone
That only the extraordinary understand the damaged
If we all understood this; no deafening sirens would be heard
And the young rebels would not have to run and hide again.cropped-dscf9243.jpg


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