Letter to Janice

182473_343729082395925_50420444_nI know you have been through a lot
I know I can never understand or comprehend
I know you are more eager than others to have the ground swallow you up
I know if it were me I would not have survived
And that’s what makes you remarkable J
I know you know no one really gets it
I hope you know I try my best
In that when I was all fibres in limbers
You wove me to be this fabric: PHENOMINAL
And that I probably owe you my life
I don’t know how you do it, to find the strength
To look in the mirror and not hate yourself each day
I don’t know how you are so radiant when I know the darkness inside
Its impossible finding such equilibrium
And here you are making it possible
The battles you lose
The war you will win
I know you will conquer all
Just as you have been my light
I will be the flame that survives the cold
I might not always be a phone call away
But I am a heartbeat away
That daily thought of me be your companion
That my love for you be your comfort over seas and oceans
And I pray with time you will reflection
Will convince you of what you are:
Beautiful; inside and out
Now get into the world and make others just as beautiful
Enola alone never
Faith will guide you through.


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