He goes back home my hero

IMG-20140611-WA0001He goes back home a decorated hero
Fought the wars of a world that rejected him
Only to triumph over the salted pillars of prejudice
He goes back home their hero
They will sing songs of praise
Lyrical lies about their support included
With their backs to him
And he is only but a man
Hopefully I am wrong again
And he will surprise me by being a man and a half
I cannot remember to forget him
We have tried out the routine; the genre is for another song
I could only tap dance to the dub step for so long
So I embraced the imperfect love fit for me
I am not giving up I am giving in
Just as I let my guard down
He tells me he is going back home
For a couple of weeks he says, famous last words
He goes back home a celebrated hero
To dine and wine with the vultures
The same who would have fed off his failure
I just pray he wont remember to forget me
One of the very few who embrace the thorny rose he is
I look at the scars now and I am reassured it was worth it
Travel safe, make memories to share with
I choose to believe he goes back home my one and only hero.


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