When I was 18 and he was 20


when I was 18 and he was 20

we finished high school and pondered a bit

I started dreaming a little, he started partying

I planned ahead, he got rid of his hangover

I started packing, he sobered up

I booked my ticket, he sold his smartphone

when he was 20 and I 18

he broke bread with several girls, I read a book

he drank to sleep, I worked to sleep

he played his music, I put on my headphones

he was awed by life, I was bored to death

when I was 18 and he 20

I shoved his clothes into a bag, he sweet talked his mother into calm

I packed our passports, he got nervous

I chose the bus, he called his mother

I held his hand, he held mine too

I whispered a truth to him

that the unknown could either make us or break us

either way it was better than wasting away at home

and that is how we started living once again

when we took the future into our own hands

a leap of faith, a step towards individualism.


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