#Marcels Tuesday


I will bet my last PnP coupon that most of those who I have encountered back home are under the impression that every weekend I go AWOL, wear super revealing clothes and I have been intimate with more than ten men in the past 6 months. First and foremost my dating habits are off the table, secondly I am home  most weekends. In actual fact I prefer hanging out with X-files repeats in my Onesie to partying up all night, I just give off that impression: UNINTETIONALLY. The truth is I make the most of my minimum wage; carry a packed lunch almost every working day and the most of what I make is put into my savings account. I also partake in promotional eating, i.e food tasters and specials. The one special that has been most significant is the Tuesday Marcel’s special where they offer two medium tubs for the price of one: JACKPOT. My friend Sharne and I have made this into our special thing, why?

Well we work together, get paid roughly the same amount and we are the youngest in the company. We dress up, take selfies and document them. On top of that we then walk around the mall with our awesome frozen yoghurt(I have to admit ) and share our hopes, dreams and jokes. Truth be told, it is the only thing I look forward to in a week. It represents so much yet we do so little. I am happy to be 18 years old and  be able to live life goofy though I have been through a lot. Morale: In my growing up I think it important that I remember to savour the dying moments of my childhood, and only eat frozen yoghurt on special Tuesday.


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