Jailed For The Wrong Love Bird


to be accused of love you don’t believe in

to be caused agony you aren’t worthy of

to be sentenced for time with no limit 

to not know who knows what and who believes the content of what

is to be jailed for the wrong love bird


News travels faster than feathers in the free wind

Yearning for a clean state, a new history to think of

Acquittal is all I could pray for

Stoned to death by words that leave my body soulless

Harmony of a quick escape reaches my ears

Accepting defeat so early is not of my nature 

neither is being jailed for the wrong love bird my cup of tea


Ancient remedies cease to exit 

Nebulosity state of mind

Daring to be different is daring death


Cosy  state of mind missed

Aspiring for a better world to be tedious

Trenches in my heart dug too deep to heal

Hatred I pray to go away

Yearning for a love i approve of

i’m departing, floating, I don’t approve of such thoughts

let me rest my weary head as the jail cells close me within. 




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