The Braided Girl


I have been burying the guilt of the untold story

Because I am the only one who knows the story behind the braids

Somewhere through the need to prove myself

I forgot about my beauty and brains

Stories my mother told me seem like fairy tales now

A double faced coin which in tells lies my mother told me instead

Of how diligence, loyalty and honest hard work pay off

Here I am willing to let that be the morale of the story I wish to end

Somehow whilst trying out perfection; I forgot my confidence and high self-esteem in the changing room

I realised half way out to the parade that I was the joke not the main attraction

It then dawned on me that my mind is my cancer

With its thoughts of a better life

Some way half way down the road to clarity hence serenity

I lost my northings and still took no heed to his directions

He said we aren’t getting any younger lets go to school and become respectable

But I lied to myself into thinking life had a bigger plan for me

That’s how I forgot my self worth and dignity

Because the skinny love I had for myself could not survive the harsh realities of the big world

Now everything’s shredded away to the bone

I plan to sit down just me and my braids

To comfort this little girl in a big world

Who has a toothache and cannot afford to smile

With just her identity card

We have to find the things she lot before the scavengers smell our fresh wounds

For we are a dying out fourth kind

And somewhere in the ashes are the answers we seek

For we are blind to the future

Despair is acidic like that

So me and I found a cave of braids to hide in

We will resurface when we have a greater love for us and the future.   


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