I have established that I am sorry

But the debate goes on within as to why I am sorry

I think I am sorry because I wronged you

I know I am sorry for simply not being strong enough to see that you know that you are no good for me

I am sorry that I still confide in you in the hope you will finally care

I am sorry for:

persisting on lost hope,

holding onto your every word,

praying for a kiss,

believing in the kiss we shared,

reading too much into you taking my hand,

losing focus in your eyes,

and for every night I dream of laying in your arms

I’m sorry I let my friends feed me with the illusion of you loving me

I’m sorry I do not think I am beautiful enough for you

I’m sorry about hiding behind artificial makings

I’m sorry I think you disapprove of who I am

I am sorry for trying to be the perfect girl for you

I am sorry I cherish the picture of the two of us

I am sorry I safeguard your legacy in your absence

I am sorry about saving up for your birthday when I know you do not remember mine

I am sorry I long to be with you as soon as you let go

I am sorry I am waiting to be identified as yours to feel whole

I am sorry for becoming devoted to an egocentric man

I am sorry I do not feel confident around you

I am sorry I will never forget you when I know you will

I am sorry I am that girl who fell for you

I am sorry for breaking the promise I made, about not writing about you

I am sorry I will never stop apologising.


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