Nigel to be missed

I do not know what it is i will miss

I am not sure why it is i will miss you

But I think I will

Regardless of whether or not you will

Taking no account of who you are

But I feel I will miss you

Despite us not having anything concrete

We can of course play the blame game 

Unfortunately time is of the essence

Let us just say what defines us

Acquaintances, friends or more 

Whatever we are I will dearly miss you 

There is this uncanny wave about your eyes 

A mystery I would have loved to unravel 

Almost as much as I hope to understand 

“You and I” the very idea perplexes me

In spite of all the obscurity that surrounds us, I will miss you

You cant give me what i want and you don’t need what i have to offer

I can give you what you want and you can give me what I desperately need

We can never be on the same side of a coin

Why even entertain such theories

Like letters from a lover to a beloved

When the time to part is at hand

When goodbye is what is rational to say

My last words can only be:

This is hello to endless possibilities

Where you can really show I am special

Just ‘special’, i will miss the simplicity of your voluminous words

They could not be just words or you are damned

For once I will not hide behind walls of threat

And simply write

I will heartlessly miss you

As my heart will journey with you.Image 


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