Liberating Realisations

I am not a diary, particularly your diary

My sole mission is not to keep a daily record of your life events

Neither is it to note your future plans

You have sluggishly, clandestinely reduced my worth to simple pages

Slowly over time you have anaesthetized my soul

Helped me forget I am more than your daily reminder

The strength within me has awoken my soul in slumber

For there is more to me than what you have mechanised me to be

For a girl always has her inner strength


The soul slowly regains momentum

The heart beats past the spider webs

It hammers to give vitality again

I not aware of it’s existence, You not willing to spare it

It pounds away what it once was

A resting place for all your skulduggery

So much of your pain  laid to rest

A ticking time bomb I would have become

If you had not choked its last surviving vein

With all your games it was subdued to

It still buffeted past the pain

After so long I finally hear my own heart beat

I no longer just look after yours

A lady always has her inner strength


My heartbeat fuelled by the soul fires up my spirit

Yes it did live on after you killed off everything else

But its core business was to serve you

It live don for you and only you

To make sure you were never lonely

To ensure you never discovered strain

To make happiness insurmountable

But now it has its own soul and heart beat

Its sole purpose is to rediscover the liveliness that once blossomed in my spirits garden

For I must break free from your bondage

And be who I genuinely should be

I can only love the world

When I learn to love myself

You once deprived me of this

As always a woman has her inner strength


My mind has always been prone to propagandists

I am now better protected from your propaganda

That which made me believe I was less than I am

You should have impelled my devotion to a greater cause

Than just simply you, a selfish cause

My mind has always been capable

But you would not hear of it, all you wanted was a servant;

Not a queen to build a nation

Not an orator to fight a popular notion

Well my mind is now emancipated

With the help of my soul, heart and spirit

My mind can finally drive and not be driven

I can finally live out my dream


My body is not a simple vessel

Neither is it a concubine

it is the perfect courier for my divine being

I am there when you need a friend not a diary

I am here if you need a partner not a servant

I will be available when you can finally see through me.Image 




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