To My sisters in Nigeria#BringBackOurGirls


As I look through a lens of scissor cut articles

To possibly understand the unimaginable horror

I succumb to a great pain and sense of helplessness

To feel safe and have your world toppled over

I can only imagine what goes through your mind

Held against your will, caged spirit, bottled up emotion

Hope, despair, sadness, then a bit of joy in the solace prayer gives

But we are all irrevocably human

As day turns into night and then day again

As you find yourselves imprisoned still

Prayer might seem futile

But hold on to the little alleviation prayer gives

And the few streaks of happiness that come when you remember simpler times

Not forgetting the  possibility that living is just enough for hope of a better tomorrow

I know the main thing uniting us is the unique African origins

But that is more than enough for all of us here to pray and hope

For a reality where we hear you are back home safe and sound

Whenever you find yourselves quivering with fear;

Drowning in despair, choking on helplessness

Look through a window, or a crack deep in the night

And count the stars, for that’s as many as we are

Those who are praying and partitioning for your safe return

Whatever may happen do not let them kill your spirits or destroy your hope.



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