Why do I remember so vividly

I remember teaching you how to smile

Not to just flash your teeth

But to smile inwardly so much

Your smile radiates pure happiness

I remember I would be so confident

But that became null around you

I would bite my nails, giggle uncontrollably

To your over pouring compliments

I remember looking at you and finding joy

How for the first time

I did not hate myself

For falling for your species’ simple words

Because coming from a mime

Meant the world to me

I remember getting on and off stage

No longer  feeling as I knew you were there lingering in the audience

To catch my eye and reassure me with your new smile

I remember getting angry

At your betrayal

And at how quick you were to find me not so beautiful

Like I always told you, like you always disputed

I remember getting everything swept away

Amongst them was you

But the tornado was too strong a breeze

I remember crying for the first time

After falling so hard

As momentum and balance were snatched away

Every time I let my mind

Gaze at thoughts of you

it gets more hungry than filled up

It gets more thirsty than quenched

It gets more curious than satisfied

I remember that I will always remember

And that you have forgotten

Why have I been cursed with this trait

That disappears every time I meet the next you

Why is it if I never forget, I will never heal

And when I finally do, I will never learn.Image  




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