I’m a lone wolf

Some nights when the tide is high

I gaze at the sky the night of memories

I whisper away the urge to relapse

I hope that in a summer haze I will forget

I believe that we were in union

But you still walk with your tail between your legs

Head down low whimpering I’m a lone wolf

Time has always been a limiting factor

But when I’m with you mother time is kind enough to freeze it

It seems so only for  me but you remember every second

How I would not dare breath in as a sign of satisfaction

Stranded on an island of insecurities you recite “I’m a lone wolf”

I retreat, white flag outside my confused heart

I withdraw my shoulders and feel the weight of you lift off

I resign from your company of little words

I deactivate my position as the ever there rock in your world

I disillude myself with the notion you will ever see yourself the way I cherish you

Whatever I do, wherever you go, you will always be a lone wolf. 


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